... Excellence without compromise

... Equipping the student to make a difference

... A reliable place to train our children

... Education that lasts

... Equipping the student to make a difference

... A reliable citadel of learning

... A full commitment to academic excellence

... Schooling our students to the top

... Education that lasts

... A full commitment to academic excellence

... Schooling our students to the top

... Pointing the student to a Godly direction for a greater future

... A total dedication to moral and spiritual excellence

... Developing character and integrity

... Laying a solid foundation for a greater future

Divine Wisdom International School

Excellence without Compromise

Student Life

Divine Wisdom International School offers much more than an academic experience. Students explore, discover new interests and ideas by becoming involved in student life outside of the classroom. Divine Wisdom International School is a place of possibilities; a home of total excellence. We celebrate the diversity of each individual student, their talents and the richness it brings both to our school and community. We are committed to enhancing the quality of student life and creating student enrichment opportunities.

Student enrichment activities that:

  1. Help each student identify their God-given skills and passions
  2. Strengthen self-confidence by enhancing their skills and passions
  3. Promote community and relationships among students
  4. Enhance leadership and critical reasoning skills
  5. Teach students to live lifestyles that will enhance their total well-being

Divine Wisdom School is a place that challenges its students to stretch, to reach outside of themselves, to learn about their community and their world through serving others. Divine Wisdom School provides students with many outlets to express current interests and the development of new ones. Whether in the classroom, or through extracurricular school and service activities, students have the opportunity to always learn.


Student Behaviour

A high standard of behaviour is required of each student at DWIS for the purpose of maintaining order and building Christ-like character.

Students must:

  1. Attend all classes daily and be there on time.
  2. Be dressed properly.
  3. Be prepared for each class with the appropriate materials and assignments.
  4. Turn in assignments on time.
  5. Exhibit an attitude of respect toward all individuals and property.
  6. Speak in such a way as to lift others up (ephesians 4:29).
  7. Bring only teacher-required materials, supplies, and approved personal items to school.
  8. Be obedient to all rules.
  9. Be honest and trustworthy.

Discipline is an absolute necessity for any successful organized group. At DWIS, the emphasis is on the development of self-discipline and self-direction towards socially desirable ends. External measures will be used only when there is evidence that a student’s internal control fail and his actions fail to comply with school policies and regulations.

Therefore, Students must not:

  1. Use physical force or verbal intimidation
  2. Use school property without permission
  3. Deface any property of the school or another student
  4. Bring to class any article that distracts another (i.e. cell phones, etc.)
  5. Disrespectful fellow students, teachers, or staff, in attitude, words or actions
  6. Use crude, profane or vulgar language.
  7. Indulge in any act of lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarism, vandalism, or bullying
  8. Indulge in any act of inappropriate public display of affection toward members of the opposite sex, such as kissing, hand holding, embracing, etc.
  9. Involve in or create the impression of being involved in immoral activity.
  10. Display obscene body language
  11. Chew gum in the school
  12. Indulge in any act of blatant disrespect to the school rules and regulations.